This is what my peeps are saying.  They love me, and I love them.  

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Cheryl Danaher- REgina

Corporate Yoga classes

I have had the pleasure of attending Diana’s yoga class during the past year. It is an honour to learn Hatha Yoga with Diana as well as all her knowledge, passion and love of yoga is ever present in her teaching. I always leave her class richer in knowledge and awareness. She has taught me many things during this past year and has made a tremendous impact on my overall well-being. If you’re not taking a class from Diana, you should be! I personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Namaste

Cheryl Danaher – Regina







Sherrie M. 

Yoga Classes

Diana is such a great yoga instructor! She makes you feel very comfortable during the class, answers any questions you may have and is very knowledgeable. She is a very helpful instructor; if you are not quite in the right position she will help you get there and/or she'll help give you a little extra stretch if you want it. I also like how Diana teaches a multi-level class; she will show you a pose to do and also give you other options to make it more or less challenging. I'm so glad I've joined her classes!

Sherrie - Regina


Becky - Regina

Corporate Yoga Classes

Upon entering class Diana makes you feel welcomed; like an old friend. She helps you feel comfortable and capable (even if you have never done any yoga). I knew a bit about yoga and had done a bit of poses but never taken a class and honestly didn't expect to find myself feeling spiritual, nor self reflective while exercising, but Diana provides a comfortable atmosphere to learn about the benefits of yoga in every sense and in turn empower you to become better. She teaches with purpose and kindness and gives a supportive space to seek out meaningful intentions in life, in and outside of class. I'm always happy to arrive to her class and happier when I've been in class with her.

Becky - Regina


Sue - Regina

Yoga Classes

My main take away in Diana's classes is my breathing.  I breathe more efficiently to help relax during the day, as well as at night when I wake up with too many thoughts swirling around.  I start the full breaths and am back in an even more relaxed sleep!

Sue Mitchell - Regina